Without a Will – the Government ‘Take Control’ of Your Money When You Die

However, it’s never been easier or quicker to stop that happening…

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Two-thirds of UK adults still don’t have a Will. It’s a staggering amount – and a completely unnecessary risk to take.

If you haven’t done yours yet, you’re probably unaware of the dangers you and your family are currently facing should the worst happen.

Dying without a will can have very serious consequences, especially if you’re a parent, separated or own a property.

The law will simply run its course, often against your wishes and to the dismay of those you care about.

Did you know that without a Will...

⚠️ Your family could face expensive legal disputes that eat away at any money you want them to have

⚠️ Your inheritance tax bill could spike – wiping out vast sums of mismanaged money

⚠️Your property could be handed to the ‘wrong’ people

⚠️ Everything is handled according to a ‘dated’ Government standard

Most of us have even considered getting it done on many occasions. Then, we put it off because of the time it could take – the solicitor fees involved – or regard ourselves as indestructible for the foreseeable future.

These excuses have now been completely blown away by the fact that you can easily get a legally binding Will created today – without any solicitors fees – tailored exactly to your circumstances and wishes from just £19.99. 

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Planning ahead NOW is absolutely essential

Let's just state the obvious here, when its too late... well, its absolutely too late!

Be in control

Be in control

Choose exactly who will benefit from your estate and what they are entitled to. You can also decide who will administer your affairs after your death.

Minimise taxes

Minimise taxes

Ensure your family and loves ones maximise their inheritance, instead of gifting it unduly to the Inland Revenue.

Reduce risk of challenges

Reduce risk of challenges

A professionally written Will can minimise the risk of your Will being challenged after death, ensuring your wishes are adhered to.

Ringfence assets

Ringfence assets

Your local authority could force the sale of your home to pay for later life care… but with a trust in place, they usually won’t be able to touch it.

Save £1000s

Save £1000s

Take advantage of low pricing.  A will is a one-off cost that can save £1000s in the long run by protecting your assets for generations to come.

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