Health Insurance

Just to let you know I am not an adviser and I can't give advice, however my job today is to ensure you get a great deal on your health insurance by connecting you with one of our specialist's. 

To do that, I need to ask a few questions about your personal situation.

Is that ok? 

Thankyou, can I start by taking your first and last name


that's lovely, thankyou...

Who were you looking to cover today? was it for yourself only, yourself and a partner or the whole family?

ok great...

Do you know if you have an existing policy in place currently?

No problem, that's fine... thankyou

Do you smoke or vape?

No problem, thankyou...

This includes consultations, therapies, medicines and treatments not available on the NHS.

Ok a few more personal questions here.. please may I ask your date of birth and also your postcode.


Insurers require this information to calculate your health insurance quote

That's lovely thankyou.. nearly there.

Just need your email and phone number so our health insurance adviser can give you a call back shortly